Vertex Software was founded by pioneers in manufacturing visualization and experts in cloud computing. We transform how people and companies share and collaborate with 3D product data across the extended enterprise. Our solutions improve the speed and quality of collaboration so teams can make better decisionsand get to market faster.

Our Story

Although Vertex was founded in 2017, our story truly began in the ’90s. Founder Dan Murray and key leadership team members got their start building transformative visualization software for the manufacturing industry at Engineering Animation, Inc. (EAI) in Ames, Iowa. These experiences in streamlining product design lifecycles for the world’s largest manufacturers paved the way for Vertex.

In the late ‘00s, Dan and colleagues from EAI were part of the team that established Workiva, a cloud-based collaboration platform that is well-known for revolutionizing the financial industry. Adopted by more than 70 percent of the Fortune 500, the platform proved the power of reporting collaboration, security, and streamlined critical financial workflows in the cloud.

Now, the capabilities of 3D visualization and cloud computing are finally coming together. Our proven experience and credibility allows us to deliver an elevated user experience in manufacturing visualization, product development, and cloud-based Software-as-a-Service companies. Vertex brings technology from all our disparate experiences to ensure our solutions will provide order of magnitude improvement in how manufacturers work today.

“I’m so glad you guys are getting back into this industry. If there is anyone that can solve our problems, it’s you. Ames, Iowa is the visualization capital of the world.” -Top 5 Aerospace Company

Our team brings hundreds of years' experience in product development and modernizing long-standing industries with cloud solutions.

World-class Software Engineering Talent (234 cloud)

Experience Launching and Scaling Software companies

Manufacturing Visualization Experience

Manufacturing Product Development Experience


Our Vision

We believe sharing information and ideas should be easy. We are driven to empower people with the right solutions to create, visualize, and collaborate like never before.

Our Mission

To accelerate global innovation, discovery, and idea exchange by providing the premier visual collaboration platform.

Our Values

Vertex’s four values act as a roadmap to achieving the vision and center on one question:
How can we make decisions in a uniquely Vertex way?

People & Teams

We ensure positive impact through sincere and open engagement.

Together We Go Further

We empower each other to collaborate and innovate to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Innovation Happens Everywhere

We value cross-functional collaboration that supports thoughtful, respectful, and creative individuals

Driven to Achieve

We push ourselves to achieve our goals in service of our customers.