June 27, 2019 Written by Kip Peters

Cloud 101: How The Cloud Provides Greater ROI in Manufacturing [Webinar]

Manufacturers who modernize their processes to a digital, cloud-based approach experience greater security, easier implementation, and higher ROI. IBM says that 80 percent of executives believe ROI is a key influence when choosing to adopt a cloud strategy. Unfortunately, the cloud comes with a host of outdated perceptions competing against true benefits.

Many enterprise-scale manufacturing organizations are slow to adopt cloud-based solutions for their mission-critical data, despite its importance realizing the full potential of Industry 4.0. That’s why I’m excited to partner with SME (Society for Manufacturing Engineers) on July 25th for a Cloud 101 course to dispel myths and prove the true value the cloud can bring.

Join me, my colleague Matt Heyingƒ, and SME on July 25th at 1:00 CT in our introduction to the cloud. We will explore how you can ensure cloud-based solutions:

  • Drive significantly greater ROI compared to traditional, on-premise technology solutions
  • Keep your most critical IP safe
  • Can be successfully implemented in your organization.