3D Collaboration Without Limits

Are you ready for 3D collaboration without limits? With the Vertex platform, manufacturers improve the speed and quality of collaboration and get to market faster.

3D Viewer

Instantly load, open, and interact with any size model without waiting for rendering or latency. With Vertex, you can easily zoom, pan, and rotate even the most complex of designs. Toggle BOM components to allow for fast search, filter, and visibility. Team reviews are easier than ever with live 3D meetings that provide synchronized 3D views for all users, no matter their device.

Collaborative Data Sharing

Securely share all your product design data. We support a broad range of 3D CAD formats— including JT and STEP. Vertex allows you to control your exports through BOM visibility and review a log file of the full audit trail.

Markup and Comments

Vertex provides full markup capabilities. Users can draw and comment directly on models. Whether users are joined together in a live meeting or on their own time, our application allows for instantaneous commentary. Team members can pin a comment on the surface of the geometry which allows others to respond back, creating meaningful conversations for design changes.

Snapshots and Stories

Easily capture part visibility and selection, camera views, markup, and comments in a snapshot. Combine a set of snapshots to create a story, easily capturing idea exchange and facilitating design reviews. Quickly share stories that show only BOM visibility you have enabled in a secure environment.

Full Circle Geometry Updates

Easily and securely export models from snapshots to share with collaborators across the extended enterprise. Collaborators can use the export as reference geometry to review and easily propose geometry updates back to their collaborator through the Vertex story.

Modernizing Design Collaboration

The Vertex platform delivers game-changing performance in a simple-to-use application. Teamwork is easy—no matter how big your team or your model.

Instant 3D rendering at scale.

All 3D rendering happens lightning-fast in the cloud so you can quickly view even the most complex models. Start collaborating instantly without lag, latency, or loss of performance.

Access from anywhere (really).

Vertex eliminates the need for legacy software suites or powerful hardware to collaborate on product designs. Any collaborator can view, manipulate, and share designs on any device from anywhere.

Lightweight app for heavyweight work.

Vertex is powerful enough for the most complex models, but effortless to use by anybody in your extended enterprise. Extend your PLM reach with an app that your team loves to use.

Secure platform.

We designed Vertex following the industry’s best practices and compliances in security. This gives you the confidence to protect your IP from anybody you don’t want to give access.

Experience that counts.

Our team includes pioneers in virtual product design, experts in cloud-based software, stewards of data security, and specialists in customer success.